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Do you have a plan?

According to Deloitte, 84% of companies know it’s important to provide their employees experiences and not just a job, but less than 2 in 5 feel ready to do so.

How we Power your Employee Experience

Cleary powers a personalized work experience throughout the entirety of the employee lifecycle aligned to your organization’s culture and business objectives.

Improved Employee Productivity

Help employees find internal documents, teams, rooms, and colleagues without the hassle.

Personalized Internal Communications

Get the right information to the right set of employees through the right channels.

Scale Your Culture

Reinforce the values and behaviors that make your organization unique even as you scale

Dynamic Organizational Mapping

Keep track of who's working on what with whom and why in the context of a more distributed, collaborative, and flatter organization.

In the Flow of Work

Cleary keeps your employees in the flow of work by integrating with tools they already use.

Aligned to your Brand

We partner extremely closely to design solutions that accentuate your employer brand.

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