Prior to co-founding Cleary, we worked at Twitter where we built internal tools focused on employee productivity and engagement. Rather than solving problems for specific departments (like HR, IT, Comms, or Finance), we collaborated across all of them. This approach required a unique perspective, that of the individual employee.

Our work highlighted just how important and impactful it is when an organization develops tools and programs with the individual employee and their experience in mind. We realized that this mindset can improve the broader state of work where two out of three people are not engaged at work, average workers spends 1.8 hours each day searching for and gathering information, and 86% of executives and employees say ineffective communication is a big reason for failures in the workplace.

Enter Cleary, our Employee Experience platform built on the core principle of personalizing the work experience for every employee. From showcasing an individual employee’s value and impact and personalizing communication flows across offices and countries, to improving productivity with quick access to information and reinforcing culture-based behaviors at scale, we are approaching the employee experience holistically. We are excited to partner with organizations of any size looking to match the future of the workplace with the future of their organization.

Turn your career into an experience,

Thomas and Ryan